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Launch Process – Outsourced Sales Costs

Launch works with emerging, mid-sized companies, and start-up ventures in many ways. The core to all of our services is to drive sales to create revenue for our client’s business. Our services listed below are priced on a monthly fee plus commission structure.

Full Time Inside Sales Operation

  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales and Development Strategy
  • Sales Consulting, Strategy and Process
  • New Client Acquisition
  • New Product Launch
  • New Market Penetration
  • Speed to Market Sales
  • Geographic Specific Sales
  • Scalable Inside Sales Force
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics.

Lead Generation Methods:

  • List Acquisition
  • Pay-per-lead
  • Voice-Broadcasting
  • Robo-Dialing
  • Auto-Dialing
  • Email Campaigns
  • SMS Mobile Text Message Marketing

Discounted services Launch offers through it’s strategic partnerships:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC – Pay-per-click Management
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Inside Sales Automation Software Solutions for Lead Generation and Sales Follow-up

Focus on what you know best. Outsource the rest. Contact Launch to boost your sales revenue: or Call 801-400-8968.


21 Reasons to outsource all or part of your sales process.

    1. Reduce costs and risks of hiring and employing.
    2. Save time recruiting and managing sales personnel; such as holding them accountable, motivating, worrying about commission payouts, etc.
    3. Scalable sales force on an as needed basis.
    4. Exisiting sales force is missing key opportunities or is understaffed.
    5. Reduced turnover costs and turnover management.
    6. More flexibility with your sales team.
    7. Sell to underserved territories or across the nation.
    8. Ability to focus on your core business needs: products and services.
    9. Launch new products without a long term commitment.
    10. Speed-to-market. Be the first to market before your competition.
    11. Lowered cost per client acquisition.
    12. Higher dollar amount per sale average.
    13. The ability to reach all lead flow. Following up on older and cold leads.
    14. Higher activity per sales person.
    15. Higher closing ratio per sales professional.
    16. Shorter sales cycle.
    17. Sales professionals are in the most optimized sales environment.
    18. Greater relationships with prospects and clients.
    19. More effective lead generation and prospecting.
    20. More detailed reporting and analytics.
    21. Acheive fast results and revenue growth, with less risk of your time and money.

    Let Launch take your sales to the next level of growth and higher revenue.

Contact us at or call 801-400-8968.

About Launch Sales and Marketing LLC:

Launch Sales and Marketing LLC provides high quality, scalable, and expert outsourced sales and marketing for businesses. The primary focus is B2B inside sales for technology products and services companies. Launch was started with the passion to bring high quality sales solutions to businesses across the country. Launch helps businesses test markets, have speed-to-market, and to scale nationally.

Located in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT, Launch has positioned itself with excellent talent, partners, and advisory panel to ensure its success. Launch was started during the economic downturn and has succeeded to grow itself as well as its clients revenue all while surrounded by turmoil and uncertainty in the marketplace.

Launch Sales and Marketing LLC is your business-to-business inside sales solution. Whether you are an established firm or a start-up that wants to grow faster, unveil a new product/service, add sales revenue, or scale nationally: Launch is the answer.

Salt Lake City, UT is a playground for the outdoor enthusiast, surrounded by world-class ski resorts (2002 Winter Olympics) and moutnain/road biking, camping, hiking, boating opportunities during the rest of the year. Utah’s lower cost of living and strong communities make it a family friendly place to live. Utah boasts its successful economy and low unemployement rate to it’s thriving entrepreneurial environment.

Launch Sales and Marketing LLC is a product of Junto Partners, founded by Alan Hall and Greg Warnock (Managing Partners of Mercato Partners) who said,”Entrepreneurship can solve problems, create value, unlock human potential, improve lives and foster independence and confidence.” The Junto Partners program leads entrepreneurs in a journey of self discovery regarding their true aptitude in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Launch Sales Recruiting: Do you have what it takes?

At Launch Sales and Marketing LLC, we pride ourselves in our human capital. Our people is what makes our clients and ourselves succeed. We invest heavily in our employees because we know it is you who will take us to the next level of success. We want to see you succeed not only with Launch, but in the home and in your community. Honesty, integrity, hard work, and a positive attitude are important values at Launch and will help you in all aspects of life.

Are you self-motivated? 
Are you a leader?
Are you a team player? 
Do you have a hard work ethic?
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?
Are you energetic and share a positive attitude with others?
Do you want an uncapped income potential?

Work with a fast growing, progressive, and innovative company as a partner in our growth and success. We look to our employees for new ideas, concepts, networking, and to work together as a team to build the most effective culture and work environment.

Launch provides:
-Opportunity for significant growth in the company. We look to promote from within.
-A base plus commission compensation structure.
-Weekly interactive sales meetings.
-Formal sales training, as well as ongoing weekly sales training.
-One-on-one sales training and coaching
-A work atmosphere both fun and professional.
-CRM – Customer Relationship Management training essential for any type of work in sales.
-Provides service projects to help the community and those in need.

Available sales positions are paid by either full commission or a base plus commission model depending on the specific account or project. 

Fill out our questionnaire here: or go to

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Launch is an outsourced sales and marketing company. We contract complete teams of sales and marketing professionals to our B2B clients. We take a companies current sales process and Launch a customized program for Rapid growth and success with their sales and marketing. With our sales executives, sales floors, reporting technology, CRM systems, and sales expertise, we are the solution to Launch your company to the next level. for contact.

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