Earlier today, vSpring Capital released the 2010 class of the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs, also known as the v100.

Brandt Page, CEO and Founder of Launch Sales and Marketing made the list, rubbing shoulders with such individuals as:

  • Tim Sullivan (President and CEO of Ancestry.com)
  • Josh James (co-founder of Omniture)
  • Rick Alden (CEO of Skullcandy)
  • William Borghetti (CEO of SendSide Networks)
  • Adam Slovik (CEO of RemedyMD)
  • Ragula Bhaskar (President and CEO of FatPipe Networks).

According to vSpring Capital, the v100 identifies and recognizes “entrepreneurs with Utah ties who are most likely to experience successful venture returns…in the next five to seven years in the IT (information technology) or biotech industries.”

Launch helps technology companies increase their sales pipelines by qualifying leads and scheduling appointments with decision makers at the companies that Launch’s clients want to do business with.

Here’s to an exciting five to seven years!

Further details can be found at the Salt Lake Tribune.


Launch Sales and Marketing met with a group of sales professionals yesterday to walk through some tips on how to increase sales appointments in cold calls.

Some of those keys include

  • Knowing how to talk to gate keepers
  • Engaging the decision maker
  • Shifting your cold call times
  • Preparation for cold calls
  • Using the power of emails for cold calls

Here is the presentation from that training.

For those of you who wanted to see Brandt’s keynote address to entrepreneurs at the 2010 Utah Governor’s Economic Summit, here is the slide show filled with advice garnered from experience, mentors, and the Junto Partners program.

Brandt Page, founder and CEO of Launch Sales and Marketing, an outsourced sales company specializing in B2B sales pipeline creation for their clients by providing lead generation, qualification, and appointment setting services, has been named the 2009 Utah Technology Council (UTC) Emerging Executive of the Year.
The UTC gave Brandt Page the award at its Annual Members Meeting on April 9 at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel. The meeting included addresses by Bob Gay of Huntsman Gay Global Capital and Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert.

Click on the image below for pictures of the event:

Brandt Page of Launch Sales and Marketing awarded Utah Technology Council's Emerging Executive of the Year for 2009. Pictured from left: Alan Hall, UTC Chairman of the Board, Gary Herbert, Utah Governor, Brandt Page, Richard Nelson, UTC CEO

Further details on the event can be found by clicking here: Lead Qualification and Appointment Setting CEO Wins Award

More information on the Utah Technology Council can be found at http://www.utahtechcouncil.org. More information on Launch can be found at http://www.launchsalesandmarketing.com.

A couple weeks ago, Brandt Page spoke to a group of students on principles successful entrepreneurs follow.

Couple Launch Sales and Marketing‘s amazing success scheduling qualified appointments and performing lead generation for their client’s with Brandt’s strict adherence to the principles outlined in this address, and the result is Launch’s explosive growth.

Thanks to MediaOne of Utah for filming and sharing the video and to Vimeo for hosting it.  Just click on the image below to view the video.

Today we introduce columns written by Launch’s Account Managers to our readers.  These are the fearless chosen who cold call executives on a daily basis and schedule successful appointments with them for our clients.  They have a wealth of experience, and we wanted them to share that talent with our readers.

Hints to a Successful Exchange

by Kristen Bess
Account Manager at Launch Sales and Marketing

“My secret to living to 103? I stay active by throwing out junk mail and alert by dueling with telephone sales people!”

Some days when I am on the phone for an extended amount of time it becomes more likely that I can lose initiative. To always make the most out of each lead, or conversation I try to remember a few things to keep my day on task. When implementing these skills I am not only successful in regards to the client but I also keep myself engaged in the conversation.

Leadership in Client Interactions

Don’t water down your dialogue.

  • Believe in what you are saying
  • Continue to believe your client needs what you have!
  • Be strong and confident when presenting your dialogue

Gain Trust and enter in a safe zone

  • Understand your own voice and how to present your best self
  • Avoid becoming defensive
  • Influence by motivating

Insure that they feel you care about their goals

  • Must have an explicit “making a difference” common purpose
  • Adhere to their needs first

Have respect throughout the conversation

  • Allow them to feel as if they are leading the conversation
  • Listen and always respond to them
  • When people feel disrespected there concern turns to anger.

Don’t confuse want with approach.

  • Must have an explicit “making a difference” common purpose
  • The result of influence and motivation will be the mission of a common goal

Remain focused

  • Be intentional
  • Search outside the box and look for new alternatives.

Draw to a close clearly

  • Repeat the conclusion of the conversation back to them
  • Display high personal character and follow up.

“Have the courage to try and recover from failure.”

The Harvard Business Review posted a blog entry in which the author says

“(T)he cold call is not only alive, it’s kicking. And it should be utilized by every B2B sales force.”

For the entire article, click on Cold Call Tactics That Increase Sales

Marci Reynolds, author of the Sales Operation blog has recognized Launch Sales and Marketing as a sales thought leader worth following on Twitter.

Focusing on sales and marketing tips, definitely worth a follow.

One of our newest recruits was dialing away when she got an inbound call from one of her prospects, the CEO of a company doing over $30 million a year.

While Launch Sales and Marketing has a 13-22% inbound contact rate for its prospects (returning phone messages and emails), this phone call was not what Candice was expecting.

The gist of the conversation was:

“Candice, we love you, we want to hire you. Can you move out to Virginia?”

After contacting him, we received the following email back from him:

“(N)ot one in 20 callers gets more than 12 seconds of my time, let alone an email response like this”

There is a reason Launch is so successful. The right people and the right messages are catching the eyes or our clients’ prospects.

Emails and calls like this are what we consider one of the highest compliments we can receive.

This past past Monday (March 29), the Utah Governor’s office invited Brandt Page, Launch Sales and Marketing‘s CEO and Founder, to give the keynote address at the Governor’s Student Business Summit as part of the Utah Economic Summit.

Besides overseeing Launch’s amazing growth, Brandt was a natural fit for the university and high school students in attendance. Launch was featured in UtahCEO magazine as the sixth fastest growing company in Utah that was originally founded by a student.   Inc. magazine invited Brandt to apply for the magazine’s 30 Under 30 list and American Express asked Brandt to contribute to its Twitter platform for business owners.  Most recently, Brandt was awarded the Utah Technology Council’s Emerging Executive of 2009.

Some of the advice Brandt shared with the students:

  • Get mentors, and use them! (a concept Brandt was featured in UtahCEO for following)
  • Do not just give equity away in your company
  • Sell your business service before you start it
  • Be willing to share your business ideas, do not keep them a secret
  • Be smart, finish strong in school
  • If you are going to fail, fail fast
  • Take action

Brandt Page, CEO and Founder of Launch Sales and Marketing, was the keynote speaker at the 2010 Utah Governor's Student Business Summit as part of the State Economic Summit

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