Brandt Page, CEO of Launch Sales and Marketing will be the keynote speaker at the Student Business Summit‘s portion of The Governor’s Utah Economic Summit.

The Summit is going to be all day on March 29 at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

They are also giving out FIVE GRAND to a student at the Student Shark Tank, and Brandt was invited to be on the panel of judges.

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Launch has made it to two more publications.  UtahCEO magazine discussed the importance of Mentor Capital, using Launch as a poster child of why it is so vital to fast growth.

Utah’s Deseret News did an article mentioning how Launch’s explosive growth is helping one neighborhood’s growth.

For the UtahCEO article, click Sharing Wisdom’s Wealth

For the Deseret News article, click Waverly Station: Residents of new South Salt Lake development see it as wave of the future

Alex Lawrence, Partner and Chief Evangelist at Funding Universe, has accepted an invitation to be an advisor to Launch Sales and Marketing. Mr. Lawrence brings extensive experience in starting, growing and selling large scale, high growth businesses to Launch’s panel. He has successfully exited three previous ventures (technology, franchise and multi-state chain). Earlier this year, TechCrunch predicted Twitter would purchase TwitJump, since then, Funding Universe subsequently purchased TwitJump. Mr. Lawrence started TwitJump to help businesses build their brand using Twitter.

Mr. Lawrence’s expertise on growing businesses was an natural match for Launch, who focuses on increasing sales technology companies’ pipelines through setting qualified appointments. Sales professionals generally spend 80% of their time finding leads. Launch’s reduces that time so companies’ sales teams can focus more time on closing. Some of Launch’s current client list includes MarketStar, ZenPrint, DirectPointe, and In its first year of business, Launch experienced 500% growth in revenue, during what economists call a recessionary year

“We are honored to have Alex as an advisor to Launch,” said Brandt Page, CEO of Launch. “His insights have already had a significant impact on our growth so far. It seemed every time we had a strategy to expand, be that through social media or working with local and national business leaders, Alex was one step ahead of us showing us how it was done. It was a natural fit for us. When he accepted the invitation to be an advisor, I could not have been happier.”

Launch is not the only company that taps into Mr. Lawrence’s knowledge. Mr. Lawrence teaches a class on Entrepreneurship at his Alma Mater and also writes a column on entrepreneurship for one of the largest newspapers in the State. He maintains a healthy blog following at and on Twitter @AlexanderLaw. In the past, Alex has served on the board of several local and national entrepreneurial organizations.

More information on Launch can be found at Also, follow us

American Express has selected Brandt Page, CEO at Launch Sales and Marketing LLC, to contribute to the global financial services leader’s OPEN Forum Pulse along with other preferred business leaders to offer advice to small businesses.  American Express created its OPEN Forum Pulse Twitter platform as an aggregate source of sound business information for small business owners.  Additionally, OPEN hopes to facilitate conversations between business owners to stimulate growth.  Mr. Page and Launch will offer sales and marketing tips to OPEN’s users and followers.

According to their site, the American Express OPEN platform “was designed for small business owners to search and learn from insightful, business-related tweets and share ideas with others.”

“It is an honor to be part of this group,” stated Brandt Page.  “Along with setting qualified appointments for our clients, Launch has been offering sales advice on Twitter to its almost 3,000 followers over the past year.  To be able to extend the impact of those tweets to small businesses who utilize American Express and its OPEN Forum Pulse is excellent.  It helps Launch with its core focus and mission of helping companies fill their sales pipelines.”

Twitter is becoming a great source of information for businesses and individuals alike. Launch utilizes Twitter to communicate sales tips and sales help to their followers on a daily basis. Launch Tips have included: keys to success for selling on the phone, how to network and create relationships, how to close more sales and schedule more qualified appointments, lead generation and qualification, as well as how to be a better entrepreneur.

More information on the OPEN Forum Pulse at  Twitter users can follow Launch at and Brandt Page at .

Launch Sales and Marketing has published its first research paper!

Entitled “The Five Lethal Mistakes of Sales Professionals and How To Solve Them,” the FREE paper focuses on helping your sales teams achieve the following:

  • How to beat your competitors to your prospects
  • How to tap markets that are not looking for you
  • How to dramatically increase the probability of qualifying a prospect
  • How to increase the quality and quantity of your leads
  • How to leverage your own resources to increase your sales revenue.

In order to receive your FREE copy, click on the following image:

Utah CEO Magazine wrote an article spotlighting Launch Sales and Marketing, LLC.

This month’s cover article is on the Utah Student 25, where Launch placed sixth last month.  Both Launch’s president, Brandt Page, and the company were covered in detail in the magazine.

John Richards, the founder of the Utah Student 25, said he hoped the venture will “help the investment community see who the real business leaders of the future are.”

Here is what they Utah CEO wrote about Launch.

#6: Launch Sales and Marketing LLC
Founder: Brandt Page
Major: Communications
School: Brigham Young University
Founded: January 2009
Launch Sales and Marketing fills client sales pipelines with qualified appointments. Its sales professionals make 150 calls a day to businesses, creating 20-40 new sales opportunities each month for clients. Founder Brandt Page’s previous entrepreneurial effort took fourth and third place in the Entrepreneur of the Year awards at BYU in consecutive years and also landed in the top 10 for the Utah Entrepreneurial Challenge.

For the complete article, go to The Utah Student 25

Check out our latest press release:

Salt Lake City, UT, United States, 11/24/2009 – Launch Sales and Marketing hires new team members to create added value as an outsourced business-to-business outbound phone sales force for emerging and established businesses.

In response to rapid growth, Launch Sales and Marketing has hired a number of seasoned professionals to meet their clients’ needs. Launch cold calls targeted businesses and schedules qualified appointments for their clients who are looking to grow sales in the midst of current economic turmoil. Contrary to hiring youthful, minimum-wage employees like most outbound call centers, Launch leverages the experience (10-20 years) of its new hires to put them in peer-to-peer conversations with C-level executives over the phone.

Today, Launch has announced the recent addition of David B. Goates to its team. Dave is a skilled business strategist who is a principal owner of local financial consulting firm Omega Financial Group, LLC. He has been extensively involved in the organization and management of many successful startups, turnarounds, and sales professionals.

Recently, he created and managed a sales group originating annuity product for securitization in a CDO. His management and training expertise will be relied on by Launch as it continues to grow. Goates holds a B.S. in Business Management and Finance from the University of Utah. Author of a contemporary blog, The Goates Notes, he offers commentary on politics and religion. His philosophy: “When you’re done changing, you’re done!”

He volunteers with his wife, Patsy, as the Chair for the Professional Placement Program of the LDS Employment Resource Center in Salt Lake City, helping others find work in a record unemployment market.

“Launch is an emerging company with a vision, and its CEO, Brandt Page, is destined to accomplish great things. He is a business innovator and dynamic leader with the passion to be a thought leader in reinvigorating the lost art of the sales cold call,” said Goates. “He’s the rare blend of creative vision and tactical know-how in an increasingly techno-savvy world.”

In a recent presentation to the Utah Technology Council, Brandt observed, “Our clients have learned they can leverage Launch to cold call and fill their sales pipelines with qualified appointments. Launch’s model is to use a select group of highly trained sales professionals who build on principles of integrity, hard work and a positive attitude mixed with entrepreneurship and innovation. These skilled professionals make 150 calls a day, creating 20 – 40 new sales opportunities each month for their clients.”

In today’s economy, Page and Launch seem to have discovered an innovative application for an old idea. “Cold calling is how many businesses are prospering right now,” concluded Page.

Signs of new economic growth are now appearing in Utah and elsewhere. While many companies are downsizing or standing pat, others are pursuing new opportunities. Launch hopes to be one more business that will lead the way out of the doldrums.

About Launch Sales and Marketing, LLC
Launch Sales and Marketing, LLC ( provides high quality, scalable, and expert outsourced sales and marketing for businesses. The primary focus is business-to-business inside sales for technology products and services companies. Launch is an essential component of a business-to-business sales solution. Whether you are an established firm or a start-up that wants to grow faster, fill your sales pipeline, leverage sales efficiencies, or add sales revenue, Launch is the answer.

Telephony World published the following article on their site.

While we do not agree entirely with all of the ideas detailed in the article, the authors make some powerful arguments on why appointment setting is vital in today’s environment.

The article is below:

Appointment Setting During a Recession: Keep Calling Even If Nobody’s Buying?

Appointment setting services can and should drive sales of their clients’ products and services. But what about when mostly nobody is buying? Should the appointment setters stop calling until business spending picks up?

Those are great questions for business decision-makers to be asking, because business spending has been extremely challenging of late. Research firm The Gartner Group predicted in March of 2009 that business spending on IT products may decline by 3.8 percent during 2009. Small business optimism, meanwhile, has plunged to truly sad depths.

In such a harsh business spending climate, can appointment setters still be worth their fee?

Appointment Setters the Bargain of the Century–If an Upturn Is Around the Corner

Appointment setting services provide a powerful, low-cost way to build an initial relationship with prospects who may someday turn into clients. Ironically, a dire recession may be the best time of all to make appointment setting phone calls.

After all, not so many people are calling during a tough economic time. The phone is not ringing nearly as often as it does during boom times. Companies that do continue appointment setting campaigns may find increased receptivity from less busy business owners.

Additionally, these quiet times are historically only preludes to the next business spending upturn. The NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Report, issued in April of 2009, noted that capital spending and inventory levels are at or near record lows–and have remained at those lows for record spans. Can this drought continue for much longer?

If and when all this “pent-up demand” comes online, it is natural to expect that companies that have built relationships during bad times will be well-positioned to sell when in fact prospects do start buying.

Appointment Setting Pay Must Stay Connected to Appointment Setting Performance

However, the above “yes” must be viewed through the prism of conservative business practices. That is to say, companies that choose to use appointment setting services must not overspend on appointment setting services. More than that, it must be verifiable that appointment setting is worth the cost.

But how can appointment setting efficacy be determined if traditional measures of success such as increased sales are not reliable because of negative macro-economic spending trends? This is a huge challenge for both the appointment setting client and the appointment setting service itself: how to know when an appointment setting campaign is working when sales are not going up right now.

One way to approach this thorny matter is to connect appointment setting pay to factors other than increased sales. The particular metric used may depend upon the needs of the client. For instance, one client may measure success by number of prospects contacted per day. Another client may focus more on contacting only the most qualified leads.

Whatever metrics are decided upon, the upshot is the same–other metrics should be employed when increased sales is not telling the whole story.

Rising quickly to the top, Launch Sales and Marketing LLC is ranked 6th by The Utah Student 25 Awards that recognize the achievements of today’s top student entrepreneurs, the businesses they have created, and their economic impact.

Utah Student 25 last week announced 2009 winners to an audience of more than 300 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah Student 25 announced Launch Sales and Marketing as the 6th ranked top student founded business in the State of Utah.

“As the founder of Marketstar Corporation and managing director of Mercato Partners, I understand how targeted lists, lead qualification, and appointment setting are essential to sales growth.” States Alan Hall – Managing Director of Mercato Partners. “For emerging businesses, outsourcing these sales functions can really help accelerate growth. Launch Sales and Marketing is the right sales partner to accomplish these mission critical activities and it would be wise to utilize their services.”

Launch is known for filling the sales pipelines of their clients with qualified appointments and leads. Launch is able to find targeted lead lists that provide an essential piece of the sales process to make 100-150 calls per day per sales professional to create 20-60 scheduled appointments per month for their clients.

“I have watched hundreds of businesses struggle with finding, qualifying and meeting with new customers.” Said Joe Grover, Director of Junto Partners. “Launch Sales and Marketing brings the expertise, process and tenacity to get this job done efficiently and professionally. These guys are cold calling pros and using Launch to augment an internal sales team just makes sense. ”

2009 Utah Student 25 finalist companies employ more than 100 workers and collectively produce $3.9 million in annual revenue. The Utah Student 25 selects businesses based on revenue growth and profitability.

Brandt Page, CEO of Launch Sales and Marketing will present tips for selling on the phone at the Utah Technology Council on October 28.

From Utah Technology Council’s web site:

Join us to learn the Secrets of Success for Selling on the Phone with CEO of Launch Sales and Marketing LLC – Brandt Page. His company and expertise is focused on creating sales over the phone. From the initial cold call, to qualifying a lead, to scheduling an appointment and closing the deal. Come prepared to take notes that will help your sales team succeed.

We will discuss:
• How to prepare for a cold call (Scripting and Methodology)
• How to successfully schedule an appointment with a decision maker
• How to get appointments to stick
• Techniques on closing over the phone

Brandt Page has had the opportunity to speak multiple times about “How to succeed on the phone” to many entrepreneurial groups and has been mentored by some of Utah’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors, Alan Hall and Greg Warnock of Mercato Partners.

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