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Earlier today, vSpring Capital released the 2010 class of the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs, also known as the v100.

Brandt Page, CEO and Founder of Launch Sales and Marketing made the list, rubbing shoulders with such individuals as:

  • Tim Sullivan (President and CEO of
  • Josh James (co-founder of Omniture)
  • Rick Alden (CEO of Skullcandy)
  • William Borghetti (CEO of SendSide Networks)
  • Adam Slovik (CEO of RemedyMD)
  • Ragula Bhaskar (President and CEO of FatPipe Networks).

According to vSpring Capital, the v100 identifies and recognizes “entrepreneurs with Utah ties who are most likely to experience successful venture returns…in the next five to seven years in the IT (information technology) or biotech industries.”

Launch helps technology companies increase their sales pipelines by qualifying leads and scheduling appointments with decision makers at the companies that Launch’s clients want to do business with.

Here’s to an exciting five to seven years!

Further details can be found at the Salt Lake Tribune.


Launch Sales and Marketing met with a group of sales professionals yesterday to walk through some tips on how to increase sales appointments in cold calls.

Some of those keys include

  • Knowing how to talk to gate keepers
  • Engaging the decision maker
  • Shifting your cold call times
  • Preparation for cold calls
  • Using the power of emails for cold calls

Here is the presentation from that training.

A couple weeks ago, Brandt Page spoke to a group of students on principles successful entrepreneurs follow.

Couple Launch Sales and Marketing‘s amazing success scheduling qualified appointments and performing lead generation for their client’s with Brandt’s strict adherence to the principles outlined in this address, and the result is Launch’s explosive growth.

Thanks to MediaOne of Utah for filming and sharing the video and to Vimeo for hosting it.  Just click on the image below to view the video.

Brandt Page, CEO of Launch Sales and Marketing will be the keynote speaker at the Student Business Summit‘s portion of The Governor’s Utah Economic Summit.

The Summit is going to be all day on March 29 at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

They are also giving out FIVE GRAND to a student at the Student Shark Tank, and Brandt was invited to be on the panel of judges.

If you are wanting to go to the full day Economic summit for a discount, click here Governor’s Utah Economic Summit Use PromoCode PC50 and get $50 off registration.

Launch has made it to two more publications.  UtahCEO magazine discussed the importance of Mentor Capital, using Launch as a poster child of why it is so vital to fast growth.

Utah’s Deseret News did an article mentioning how Launch’s explosive growth is helping one neighborhood’s growth.

For the UtahCEO article, click Sharing Wisdom’s Wealth

For the Deseret News article, click Waverly Station: Residents of new South Salt Lake development see it as wave of the future

American Express has selected Brandt Page, CEO at Launch Sales and Marketing LLC, to contribute to the global financial services leader’s OPEN Forum Pulse along with other preferred business leaders to offer advice to small businesses.  American Express created its OPEN Forum Pulse Twitter platform as an aggregate source of sound business information for small business owners.  Additionally, OPEN hopes to facilitate conversations between business owners to stimulate growth.  Mr. Page and Launch will offer sales and marketing tips to OPEN’s users and followers.

According to their site, the American Express OPEN platform “was designed for small business owners to search and learn from insightful, business-related tweets and share ideas with others.”

“It is an honor to be part of this group,” stated Brandt Page.  “Along with setting qualified appointments for our clients, Launch has been offering sales advice on Twitter to its almost 3,000 followers over the past year.  To be able to extend the impact of those tweets to small businesses who utilize American Express and its OPEN Forum Pulse is excellent.  It helps Launch with its core focus and mission of helping companies fill their sales pipelines.”

Twitter is becoming a great source of information for businesses and individuals alike. Launch utilizes Twitter to communicate sales tips and sales help to their followers on a daily basis. Launch Tips have included: keys to success for selling on the phone, how to network and create relationships, how to close more sales and schedule more qualified appointments, lead generation and qualification, as well as how to be a better entrepreneur.

More information on the OPEN Forum Pulse at  Twitter users can follow Launch at and Brandt Page at .

Launch Sales and Marketing has published its first research paper!

Entitled “The Five Lethal Mistakes of Sales Professionals and How To Solve Them,” the FREE paper focuses on helping your sales teams achieve the following:

  • How to beat your competitors to your prospects
  • How to tap markets that are not looking for you
  • How to dramatically increase the probability of qualifying a prospect
  • How to increase the quality and quantity of your leads
  • How to leverage your own resources to increase your sales revenue.

In order to receive your FREE copy, click on the following image:

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