Today we introduce columns written by Launch’s Account Managers to our readers.  These are the fearless chosen who cold call executives on a daily basis and schedule successful appointments with them for our clients.  They have a wealth of experience, and we wanted them to share that talent with our readers.

Hints to a Successful Exchange

by Kristen Bess
Account Manager at Launch Sales and Marketing

“My secret to living to 103? I stay active by throwing out junk mail and alert by dueling with telephone sales people!”

Some days when I am on the phone for an extended amount of time it becomes more likely that I can lose initiative. To always make the most out of each lead, or conversation I try to remember a few things to keep my day on task. When implementing these skills I am not only successful in regards to the client but I also keep myself engaged in the conversation.

Leadership in Client Interactions

Don’t water down your dialogue.

  • Believe in what you are saying
  • Continue to believe your client needs what you have!
  • Be strong and confident when presenting your dialogue

Gain Trust and enter in a safe zone

  • Understand your own voice and how to present your best self
  • Avoid becoming defensive
  • Influence by motivating

Insure that they feel you care about their goals

  • Must have an explicit “making a difference” common purpose
  • Adhere to their needs first

Have respect throughout the conversation

  • Allow them to feel as if they are leading the conversation
  • Listen and always respond to them
  • When people feel disrespected there concern turns to anger.

Don’t confuse want with approach.

  • Must have an explicit “making a difference” common purpose
  • The result of influence and motivation will be the mission of a common goal

Remain focused

  • Be intentional
  • Search outside the box and look for new alternatives.

Draw to a close clearly

  • Repeat the conclusion of the conversation back to them
  • Display high personal character and follow up.

“Have the courage to try and recover from failure.”