One of our newest recruits was dialing away when she got an inbound call from one of her prospects, the CEO of a company doing over $30 million a year.

While Launch Sales and Marketing has a 13-22% inbound contact rate for its prospects (returning phone messages and emails), this phone call was not what Candice was expecting.

The gist of the conversation was:

“Candice, we love you, we want to hire you. Can you move out to Virginia?”

After contacting him, we received the following email back from him:

“(N)ot one in 20 callers gets more than 12 seconds of my time, let alone an email response like this”

There is a reason Launch is so successful. The right people and the right messages are catching the eyes or our clients’ prospects.

Emails and calls like this are what we consider one of the highest compliments we can receive.