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At Launch Sales and Marketing, we have a business process to ensure the best results are delivered to each company.

1. We interview and research each company to see if they are a good fit for our model and if we fit theirs.

2. We send an account executive/consultant to work closely with the companies sales and marketing teams for 1-3 months to become an expert on their product/service, industry, potential clients, marketing processes, etc.

3. Also, during that time period, the consultant will be building a pipeline with the leads that are given him.

4. At the end of the paid consulting time period, Launch is then capable of finding, recruiting, hiring, training, and managing the best fit sales people for that organization.

5. The sales people hired work for Launch Sales and Marketing LLC and represent our clients product or service. The amount of sales people hired will be determined on the quantity and quality of leads that are being provided by that company.

6. Launch increases sales, closing ratios, revenue, and growth for the company.

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